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I have always worked with words. I like twisting, mixing and matching them to find the best result, which, naturally, is why I chose a profession in translation.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in translation with honours from Université de Montréal. I also hold a Master’s in music (M. Mus.) and actively pursue a career as a trumpet player.

My artistry complements my linguistic endeavours. I apply creativity and rigour in all of my translation, revision and writing projects.

I use a personalized approach and care about each of my clients. Needless to say, I always deliver on time.

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Linguistic Services

I offer quality translations from English to French. I am detail-oriented and fine tune texts until they read as if they were originally written in French. Furthermore, I can provide certified translations with the Order’s seal.
Revision and Proofreading
Revision is an essential stage in the translation and writing process, which entails a quality-control and editing procedure to correct any errors that may have gone unnoticed. I offer bilingual revisions or unilingual proofreading in French. Each and every one of my translations is checked over carefully.
Need help writing texts in French? I can help you write anything from simple memos to speeches, crafting just the right message. The French language is teeming with particularities, so entrust your text to a language professional who masters the subtleties.
Sometimes my work requires adapting a text to a new context, for example, when translating slogans, wordplay or trademarks. And thanks to my creativity and well-rounded general knowledge, this is an area where I shine.

I use cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost quality and consistency in my turnkey services.

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Areas of Expertise

I worked for several years in big translation agencies and gained solid experience. Throughout my career, my work has touched on many subjects and I have acquired extensive experience in many fields. I believe translators should be curious by nature and I am always learning something new.

A short list of my areas of expertise:

Automotive Industry
Arts and Culture
Information Technology
Retail Trade
Human Resources
Marketing and Advertising


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